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What Cricket World Cup has to do with Your Business Website

Cricket world cup

Crazy about cricket? Whether your answer is yes or no, Cricket world cup can be beneficial to you one or another way.

If you love cricket, the 43 days of ICC cricket world cup 2015 tournament would be great joy to watch your favourite teams playing and winning and even though you are not much crazy about cricket, these days can be good for you getting advantage of cricket world cup to provide boost to your business with the help of the web platform.

It is one of the world’s largest international sports tournaments and would be engaging one fifth of the world’s population. More than 150 million people from various countries will be viewing the tournament through TV or Web. This means it’s has a great potential to boost your business through web. You can reach to your target audience via number of ways and increase sales too.

Cricket lovers go crazy for their favourite players and teams. You can add this to your marketing strategy. You can offer merchandize customized around cricketers or teams. You can pickup world cup’ favourite player’s signed or pictured products and offer them to your customers with some sales promotions on discounts and i am sure that will work.

You can also run a campaign on your business website to collect new leads by running a cricket related poll or simple question’s answers and offering winners some sort of discount on products or offering customized player/team’s cups or t-shirts for free.

Some of the big brands have already caught their chance and they are advertising their products and services on some of the leading sports websites.

You should discuss with your digital marketing agency about this big opportunity to reach millions of people or Here is the best way to do so.

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