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Easy Ways to Crush Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Date - Mar ,03 2015
Posted By - admin
Category - SEO

Have you setup analytics tool to measure your website performance? If your answer is “Yes”, then have you ever tried to know that your website visitors are really hanging around or taking their foot right away from the site? What is bounce rate? Bounce rate is a metric that indicates the percentage of visitors who […]

What Cricket World Cup has to do with Your Business Website

Date - Feb ,17 2015
Posted By - admin
Category - Uncategorized

Crazy about cricket? Whether your answer is yes or no, Cricket world cup can be beneficial to you one or another way. If you love cricket, the 43 days of ICC cricket world cup 2015 tournament would be great joy to watch your favourite teams playing and winning and even though you are not much […]

Easy Steps to Install Magento Community Edition

Date - Feb ,10 2015
Posted By - admin
Category - Magento

New to Magento? Setting up yourself for first time ? Below steps will help you to install Magento Community Edition easily on your server. (1). First thing you need is that you have ftp and database access to the server you want to install magento. You will require either FTP and phpMyadmin access or SSH […]

Most Common Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Fails

Date - Dec ,04 2014
Posted By - admin
Category - Content Marketing

Basically up to 90% of small businesses have been promoting content and put it on the top of their online marketing funnel. Though, everyone isn’t getting much enough success through content marketing. There’s a problem, just because all marketers aren’t pushing out their efforts at content marketing effectively. Creating something better, popular or imperative that […]

6 Obsolete Myths You Believe About SEO Are Not True

Date - Nov ,14 2014
Posted By - admin
Category - SEO

Google has changed the search policy to measure the value of ranking over the years, and it is not same now what SEOs used to be years ago. Some of the misconceptions about old SEO tactics might be harmful for your website ranking and traffic estimate too. Here are the 6 Obsolete SEO myths, they […]

Holidays Shopping Season Checklist for Your Magento Store

Date - Nov ,06 2014
Posted By - admin
Category - Magento

As Holiday shopping season is following, you should start thinking about preparing your Magento web store to provide the customers with best and seamless shopping experience to increase sales. During 2013 shopping season, Majority of customers did shopping through their mobile devices. This means having mobile optimized responsive website is very important during the shopping […]

Essential Things to be considered Before Hiring WordPress Development Company

Date - Oct ,21 2014
Posted By - admin
Category - WordPress

Whether its simple website or web portal, business owners are selecting WordPress amongst number of CMS to build their website based on the fact that WordPress can be managed without taking much help of experts. It’s real fact that most of the Ecommerce website owners are integrating WordPress blog into their web sites to share […]

Check List: What to Look During Website Migration from HTTP to HTTPS

Date - Oct ,10 2014
Posted By - admin
Category - Forum

Google wants to maintain an industry security standard and due to this reason they have officially announced HTTPS as a small ranking signal. Though we’re not seeing any magic changes in ranking now but probably it would be in near future. If your website already runs on HTTPS just make sure that you’ve done every […]

Tips to Build an Effective Social Media Strategy

Date - Oct ,07 2014
Posted By - admin
Category - Social Media

Some businesses are considering social media a little in their marketing strategy while the real fact is social media can help much to boost selling products online. Have you ever pushed up your efforts on any social media platform to achieve business conversation goal? Before engaging yourself with any crowd of customers, you should make […]

How to generate sales Leads effectively For Your Business

Date - Sep ,23 2014
Posted By - admin
Category - Internet Marketing

Every small, medium to large industry has a major question that how to generate sales leads or find new potential customers? Most industries are highly depended on social media. However in some critical conditions social media wouldn’t be proven effective to be utilized and selling products online. To make your lead generation task easier, you […]

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